My Favorite Intrument (Bass)

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument that is commonly mistaken as a electric guitar by people who don’t know there differences. A bass guitar mostly known as just bass is a instrument in the guitar family that can be played in many ways. It can be played with the fingers or thumbs by plucking, slapping, popping, strumming, tapping, thumping, or just using a pick. The difference from the bass and the electric guitar is that the bass has a longer neck and and more scales. The bass has 4 to 6 strings and the most common is the 4 string bass. There have been people that have created basses with more than 6 strings but there one of a kind and people dont sell them or buy them. The bass guitar is also plugged into an amplifier and to a speaker like a guitar to play it. This is my favorite intrument because it feels more smoother when you play it. Although it has a longer neck and more frets the neck is thinner than the electric guitar's so it is easier to play in my opinion.

This is a picture of a five string bass by ibanez, a guitar brand.